Black Panther 2 Rumors and Thoughts

Hi, this is Charles Warburton Wang or Viomagmax23. Today I’m going to discuss with you about rumors of MCU movie Black Panther 2. In my opinion, of course I want a Black Panther 2, but I don’t think it’s true that there’ll be this movie.

Since the MCU already declared that after Avengers Endgame, some of the actors will leave new ones will join. Chadwick Boseman might leave or retire. Maybe in Black panther 2 he will have a son or daughter and they will fight some inhuman creatures since Erik Killmongar was defeated in the first Black Panther movie. By the way, Wakanda was nearly destroyed in Avengers Infinity War, so the movie might be told in another setting or universe. Another thought is that the movie won’t even come out.

Please tell me your thoughts on the comments section below! I'll see you soon

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